Our qualified traders receive VPS (Meta Trader Hosting) based on windows 2003/2008 Server Operating System starting from 1000 Mhz CPU Speed, 20 GB Disk Storage, 512 MB Ram, 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth, 1-3 Instances Platforms running , 10/100 Mbps Port Speed and Dedicated IPs

Other Features include:

  • Remote Reboots/Shutdown
  • True VPS Resource Isolation
  • High-speed backbone Network
  • Run any number of EA
  • Full Root Access
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Access from Windows, Mac, Linux PC or Android
  • Install/Uninstall any Application
  • 24/7 Monitoring to Maintain Best Uptime
  • Live Chat support During Trading Hours
  • Firewall Protection

FOREX VPS Terms and Conditions

The Virtual Private Server is hosted and managed by a third-party VPS hosting provider. Initial technical support can be provided by the IMMFX Support Department, simply by sending email vps@immfx.com. Whilst we will do our best to support you and resolve any issues you may have, some of your requested technical support may need to be passed directly to the VPS provider as we don’t have physical access to the main infrastructure.

The client acknowledges that he/she has read and fully agrees to adhere to the VPS terms and conditions, in addition to the IMMFX terms and conditions when opening a live trading account

A minimum balance of $5,000 has to be maintained in the trading account in order for a client to receive the free FOREX VPS services.

In order for a client to continue receiving the free FOREX VPS service for free, the following conditions should be met:

a) Maintain a balance of 5,000 USD.

b) Complete a minimum monthly trading volume of 5 lots.

IMMFX has the right to remove the VPS service if the above 2 criteria have not been met. In case a client wishes to continue using VPS service then a fee of 28 USD should be paid to cover the VPS cost. The client agrees the fee of 28 USD will be deducted automatically from the clients trading or landing account.

The free VPS service is limited to one account per account holder.

The client agrees and acknowledges that IMMFX is not responsible for the failure of the VPS in anyway, this includes/not limited to; technical failures, power failures, any system failures, or communication and data failure, etc.The client acknowledges that VPS hosting is controlled by a third party provider and IMMFX shall not be liable for any failures related to the VPS hosting or any losses/damage caused by this failures.

If IMMFX suspects a client has abused or attempted to abuse this service, then IMMFX reserves the right to deny or suspend a client from his/her eligibility of participating in FOREX VPS service even in the event a client meets the requirements in above mentioned conditions. If necessary, IMMFX has the right to cancel all terms and conditions in respect to that client, whether it be on a temporary or permanent pattern.

IMMFX reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this offer at any given time without the consent of the Client.

The client cannot withdraw funds with the intention of re-depositing required funds to benefit from FOREX VPS service. In case of this happening, IMMFX has the right to exclude the client from the VPS hosting service.

To obtain the Free FOREX VPS service please email us at vps@immfx.com.