Trading Charts

TradingView provides an advanced charting and analysis platform offering hundreds of drawings and indicators that are customizable for every trader’s needs.
Below are some of the key features TradingView charts:

Broad-Based Market Data Coverage

TradingView utilizes the highest quality data vendors for indexes, currencies, CFDs, and many others.

Customizable Time Intervals

Timeframes are an important part of analyzing the market. Each frame shows the open, high, low, and close for each interval. This allows you to view the market in different angles starting from an up-close granular version to a bird’s eye view.

Various Kinds of Chart Types

TradingView supports regular and exotic chart types to meet your individual needs. Each chart type offers a different perspective on the market so you can make informed decisions.

Comparing Symbols

With TradingView charts, you can easily compare indices. You can view multiple symbols at one chart which is effective when identifying relationships between indices.

Technical Analysis and Fundamentals Data

TradingView comes with a massive library of over 100 technical indicators including Volume Profile.

Study Templates

Studies can be assembled into sets to create study templates. Once a template is created, an entire set of studies can be applied to any chart, at any time, with just one click.

Multi Charts Layout

You can plot up to 8 charts in one browser tab. It’s also possible to link charts by resolutions or symbols.

Broad Range of Intelligent Drawing Tools

More than a hundred of drawing tools let you analyze the market in a variety of ways, thus, helping you find better opportunities when doing technical analysis.

Pine-Scripting Language

TradingView provides a large set of pre-built indicators out of the box. The Pine programming language was designed specifically for advanced users to edit or create PineScripts according to the need.

Extended Trading Hours and Time Zone Options

TradingView allows you to know what’s happening outside of regular trading hours, and keeps you updated on the market. You can display data series using local or exchange timestamps.

Publish Chart

One of TradingView’s key features. Publishing lets you share your trading idea with your community.

Advanced Price Scaling

TradingView charts let you set the price scales to match your technical analysis. There are linear, perchant, and log axes for drastic price movements. You can use up to two separate price scales at the same time.

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