As an Asset Manager (AM) you are able to set your commissions like IB Partner. You can also create your own Managed Account Program/s and set minimum deposit, monthly fees, managed fees for each Program. You can promote your affiliate link and find interested clients for your program. You will receive a rebate in your Fee/Rebate account whenever a client opens a trading account following your affiliate link. If the client opens managed account then they will be opted to subscribe to your program or to leave it anytime they wish.
If your clients subscribed to your Managed Account Program then their fund will be added to your MT4 master account. You can trade using their funds while you don’t have an access to withdraw any funds which set your clients to peace of mind. When you trade your master account, your trade size will be divided among your clients as percentage fitting their fund sizes.
During your trading activities as an Asset Manager (AM), your client will have access to their managed account from their BackOffice only. However, they will have no access to MT4 platform to trade using their funds. As an AM, you will receive your rebate on a daily basis while receiving your performance fees in monthly, quarterly or annual basis in your Fee/Rebate Account according to your preference and settings.
If your clients leave your Managed Account Program, then their fund will be removed from your MT4 master account and the portion of the trades on their account will be closed while you still generate rebate form their self-trading activities.

Open an Asset Manager Account