Money Managers are a fast growing component of the IMMFX business. Whether you are an established or new FX Money Manager, we have the team and experience to assist you in executing your trading strategy. Our goals for our Money Manager partners are aligned with theirs namely to:

Establish your fund

Grow your client base

Provide all back-office and technological to support the business

Provide easy to use reporting functionality for both the Money Manager and their clients

IMMFX Money Manager Certification

Successful self-traders often are looking for avenues to further capitalize on their abilities as a trader and at IMMFX we recognize and reward those efforts. IMMFX has developed a Money Manager Certification Program where clients and interested parties can undergo our in-house Money Manager training program.

You may already be a profitable trader with a strong track record and sound trading methodology. This is a critical first step in pursuing a career as a Money Manager. The other key areas to consider and we provide training on include:

Soliciting New Clients with Confidence and Without Overpromising

Increasing Client Account Life and Effectively Communicating the Concept of Drawdown

Why Many Money Managers Struggle to Achieve Positive Returns for Clients Over Time

These key points of emphasis and others are covered in our training through a video series as well as through one on one coaching with current successful money managers.

For more information about becoming an IMMFX Accredited Money Manager, please create an account.