How to Register An Account

How to Open an account with IMMFX

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Opening an account with your IMMFX broker is very easy. We made the application process very flexible and easy to understand for our clients and it takes a maximum of 3 minutes to register a new account with us.

However, since our application process is made to comply with our regulatory bodies, so you might find some steps difficult to understand. This is why we made this article just for you showing you step by step guideline on how to register and open a trading account with your favorite IMMFX broker.

Things to prepare before registration:

  • A valid Email address.
  • A copy of a valid Passport or ID card as proof of identity with a recent photograph.
  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, water etc.) as proof of residence. You may also send a bank statement which states your address as proof of residence. These documents cannot be older than three months.

After registration is done, you need to upload the above documents in your BackOffice account ( Once the documents are verified by our compliance team, your account will be validated and you are ready to jump on live trading.

Step by Step Guideline on Registration

Demo or Live? Choose your account type

Before being, you need to choose your preferred account type. If you would like to practice trading with us before investing real money, choose ‘Demo Account’. Select ‘Live Account’ if you feel ready to start trading on a real account. To open a Live or Demo account, click on the registration buttons in IMMFX website. You can also click on this link to open a live trading account:

Step 1 – Sign Up

In this step, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself.

  • Preferred Language: Select your language in this option. If you speak English, please check the box for ‘I speak English’
  • Which account you are signing up for: Choose between “Trading account” or “Managed Account”. If you’re a retail individual trader, select ‘Trading account’. Select Managed account to open an automated account.
  • Account Type: Select your account type from this option. The available types of options are Individual, Joint, and Corporate.
  • First name: Provide your first name here.
  • Last name: Provide your last name here.
  • Country: Select your country of residence.
  • Email Address: Provide a valid address here. Note that you will need to verify your email.
  • Confirm Email Address: Write your email address here again.
  • Telephone Number: Type your telephone number here with the specific country code.

Step 2 – Individual Account Information

Account Settings:

You will need to provide some details for your accounts settings. The options are:

  • Account Platform: Select MetaTrader 4 from the dropdown. IMMFX offers tailored MT4 platforms for its traders.
  • Account Preference: Select your type of account. The available options are Standard, Micro, and Pro.
  • Account Currency: Select USD from the dropdown as your account currency.
  • Account Password: Provide a password for your IMMFX account. Make sure you don’t share it to anyone.
  • Re-type password: Type your password here for verification.

Personal Information:

In this step, you are required to provide us some of your Personal Information.

  • Title: Select among Mr., Mrs., Miss., Ms., Dr., and Prof.
  • First name: Provide your First name.
  • Middle Name: Write your middle name here (Optional)
  • Last Name: Write your last name here.
  • Date of Birth: Provide your date of birth in the box following this: Date / Month / Year. If click in the box, a drop-down box will appear and let you select the birth date.
  • Gender: Select whether you are a Male or Female. Click on the box.
  • Phone Password: Provide your phone password here. Note that this is required for verification purpose only. This may be asked by our agents during phone verification or any transaction call.
  • Citizenship: Select your citizenship from the drop-down box. Your citizenship can be same or different than your country. Note that this should be the same as indicated in your passport or ID.
  • ID Information: Select which type of ID you can provide to verify your personal information. The available options are Passport, Driving License, Government ID. In the next box, provide your ID number.
  • Country of Residence: Indicate the country of your present address. Your Country of Residence can be same or different than your country of citizenship.
  • Employment Status: Select your employment status from the drop-down list. The available options are: Employed, Unemployed, Self-Employed, Retired, and Student. Following your selection, fill your employment details in the next boxes. If you don’t know what to write on next boxes, write NA (not applicable).
  • Tax Information: Select your country and Tax number here. If it doesn’t apply to you, write NA (not applicable) in the box.

Contact Information:

Let’s provide some contact information here. All information must be up-to-date.

  • Residential Address: Provide your present residential address here.
  • City: Type your city name here
  • Country: Select your country from the dropdown list.
  • Postal Code: Write your area postal code here (optional).
  • Time at current address: Indicate how many years you are living in your present address.
  • Previous Address: If you have not resided at the above address more than 24 months this section must be completed. Otherwise, write NA (not applicable) here.
  • City: Type the city of your previous address, if applicable.
  • Country: Select the country of your previous address, if applicable.
  • Postal Code: Write the area code of your previous address (optional), if applicable.
  • Telephone Number: Write your telephone number here. Make sure that this phone number is active as this must be verified by our compliance.
  • Mobile Number: Write your mobile number here. Make sure that this phone number is active as this must be verified by our compliance.
  • Email Address: Provide your valid email address Make sure that this phone number is active as this must be verified by our compliance.
  • Confirm Email Address: Retype your email address here for confirmation.
  • Alternative email: You can also give an alternative email here (optional).

Banking Information:

You need to provide your banking details here. However, you can also skip this if it is not applicable for you. This will be used if you prefer to send or receive funds using Wire Transfer.

  • Bank Name: Write the full name of your bank.
  • Account Number: provide your bank Account Number here.
  • Bic Number/Swift Code: Your bank has a unique swift code number for the international transaction. Write down it here.
  • Bank Address: You can provide your bank’s address here (optional)
  • Intermediary Bank name: If your bank requires an intermediary to handle the transaction, write the detail of that intermediary bank here including its name, country, and swift code.

Financial Information:

This part of registration is about your personal financial information. This gives us or your Introducing Broker an idea how we can help you with your trading preferences.

  • Estimated Annual Income: How much you make in a year. Select from the drop-down list.
  • Liquid Net Worth: If you have assets that can be easily converted to cash, select from the drop-down list.
  • Available Risk Trading Capital: Provide us the amount you would like to take risk of in Forex Trading.
  • Anticipated Initial Deposit: How much would like to deposit initially? Write the amount here.
  • Investment Objective: Let us know why you are interested in Forex trading. Select from the drop-down list. The available options are Capital Growth, Speculation, Income, Hedging, Other.
  • Source of Funds: What’s the source of your funds for your Forex account? Select from the drop-down list. The available options are Employment, Investment, and Inheritance.

Trading Experience:

Let’s provide some information of your trading experience, if you have any.

  • Years of Experience: How many years you have experience on online financial trading? Select from the drop-down.
  • How have you gained the experience? Privately or Professionally?
  • Trades Per Month: How many trades do you usually make per month?
  • Average Deal Size (Lots): What was your average deal size while trading (provide data in lot size).
  • Trading Style: Do you trade Manually or use Robots? Are you a Scalper or Daytrader? Select your trading style from the drop-down list.

Other Information:

These options are not your personal or financial information. But will help us to know more about your trading styles.

  • Do you have or have you ever held any other account with us? Select YES or NO.
  • Have you ever been a registered person/entity with CFTC, NFA, SEC, FINRA, FCA, BaFin, etc? Select YES or NO.
  • Are you required to be registered with a regulator? Select YES or NO.
  • Are you an employee of an exchange or regulator organization? Select YES or NO.
  • Have you ever declared bankruptcy? Select YES or NO.
  • Have you ever been employed in the financial sector? Select YES or NO.

Step 3 – Agreements

Now we’ve come at the very last stage. At this step, you need to read and agree with our terms and policies.

  • Trader Agreement
  • Risk Disclosure Acknowledgment
  • Electronic Trading Agreement
  • Terms of Business
  • Trader Agreement
  • Risk Disclosure Acknowledgment
  • Electronic Trading Agreement
  • Terms of Business

Sign Up – Review

At this stage, you will see all your given details on a single page so that if you can have a look and check for any mistakes.

If everything is okay,  your given details are valid and fine, click on SUBMIT button on the bottom right side corner. Your registration process is done. Voila!

At this point, you should have received a confirmation message on your registered email and you will be redirected to IMMFX BackOffice login page. Check your mail and verify your account.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please don’t hesitate to contact our support.

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