Chart Formation Patterns

Chart Formation Patterns

Lesson 1: Forex Double Top and Double Bottom Formation patterns

The Forex Double Top Formation pattern is a bearish reversal form and a strong force in the upper direction. The Double Bottom Formation pattern is a form of strong dropped or signals that denote or reversal of bulls.

Lesson 2: Learn Forex Head and Shoulders patterns

Head and Shoulders pattern is a strong upper trend that leads to a bearish reversal pattern. This pattern consists of a peak, known as a Left Shoulder, higher peak known as a Head and a lower peak known as a Right Shoulder.

Lesson 3: Learn Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern

Inverse Head and Shoulder is a bullish reversal pattern that is formed when there is a strong downward trend. It is the exact opposite of the bearish Head and Shoulders pattern.

Lesson 4: Learn Forex Bull Flag Formation Patterns

A Bull Flag is a bullish continuation pattern. It follows a strong move effort and consists of a flagpole as a strong move to the upside and a consolidation phase which is known as a flag.

Lesson 5: Learn Forex Bear Flag Patterns

A Bear Flag pattern is a continued pattern in a bearish trend. It follows a strong move downwards and comprises a flagpole as the strong move to the downside plus consolidation phase which is known as a flag.

Lesson 6: Learn Forex Bullish and Bearish Pennant Formation

Bullish Pennant, a continued bullish trend, is like the bull flag formation and it consists of the strong move upward as a flagpole and a consolidation phase as a pennant. Whereas the Bearish Pennant is the complete opposite and it is generally observed when there is a strong downward pulling force.

Lesson 7: Learn Forex Falling Wedge Pattern

The Falling Wedge pattern is a bullish formation pattern in which the price exhibits lower lows and lower highs and the resistance line is zippier than a support line.

Lesson 8: Learn Forex Ascending and Descending Triangle Formations

Ascending Triangle Formations is also a continued bullish pattern and a consolidation pattern generally form during uptrend when the price is holding the resistance level but still making higher lows. On the contrary, Descending Triangle Formations generally forms during downtrend when there is a set of support level and making lower highs.

Lesson 9: Learn Forex Symmetrical Triangle Pattern

The Forex Symmetrical Triangle pattern is the neutral chart formation and it forms on the resistance line as sloping downwards and the supporting line is sloping upwards.

Lesson 10: Forex Box Range

A Box Range forms if there is a prolonged period of indecision of the market and it’s defined by strong parallel support and resistance lines.

Lesson 11: Learn Forex Cup and Handle Formation Pattern

The Cup and Handle Formation pattern is a bullish continuation pattern. It consists of a U shape price action as the cup and a small but sharp declined resistance as a handle.

Lesson 12: Learn Forex Inverse Cup and Handle Pattern

The Inverse Cup and Handle pattern are a bearish continuation pattern. It consists of an inverse U shape price action as the cup and a small but sharp advance at support resembles the handle.

Lesson 13: Learn Forex Rising Wedge Pattern

Rising Wedge is a bearish formation pattern where the price makes higher highs and higher lows, but the support line is steeper than the resistance line