Top Forex Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Forex trading is a high-impact activity involving a fast-paced market and plenty of volatility. However, forex trading mistakes are so common in this industry. If executed correctly it is incredibly rewarding, though unfortunately for many traders the challenges far outweigh the rewards.

Winning against forex trading mistakes take time, patience and determination. To be successful in currency trading it is important to avoid these classic mistakes outlined below:

  1. Trading with an underfunded forex trading account

This is a common mistake that many online traders make. By placing a number of trades that are too big for your account size, you risk being on the wrong side of too many trades, which could quickly lead to larger losses than your account balance.

  1. Poor approach to risk management

Sharp risk management is vital to your success. You need to input carefully researched stop-loss orders and well-defined targets that offer a good risk-reward ratio. Only risk a certain percentage of your funds held in your forex trading account. Use the trading tools offered by your forex broker to apply high-quality stops and targets.

  1. Attempting to squeeze every last pip from the trend

This is a greedy approach to forex trading that can quickly turn a profitable trade into a losing one. The forex market never sleeps and there are abundant opportunities to place profitable trades on the trading platform. There are plenty of pips on the market and plenty of other opportunities to succeed.

  1. Hesitant, indecisive trading

Indecisive trading simply means that you have not planned your trades or you are ignoring your trading plan. If your trade fails to be immediately profitable then you should simply accept that this trade hasn’t gone to plan. Avoid moving your trade back and forth as this will negatively impact on your forex trading account over time.

  1. Failure to gain a solid forex trading education

An FX trading education is your armor on the trading platform. There are countless educational resources available so selecting the right one is vital to your success. Choose carefully and never stop educating yourself.