Forex Technical Analysis – A Brief Overview

Technical forex analysis is a study of price fluctuations and market actions that traders use to help them make trading decisions in the forex market. Below is a brief overview of forex technical analysis.

Assumptions of Forex Technical Analysis

Technical forex analysis is based on a few key assumptions. They are:

  • A combined effect of market forces such as economic conditions, political events, supply/demand and seasonal fluctuations consequently lead to changes in price. Currency pricing changes are usually taken into account when traders determine their future trading strategies.
  • Forex market trends determine currency pricing changes. This concept helps traders determine their next move. The market patterns and movements have, in many instances, been linked to predictable consequences.
  • Many strategies of forex trading depend heavily on historical data and trends. These trends help to predict currency price changes. Data for the last 100 years, pertaining to the forex market, has been collected in order to identify certain trends. Over the last 100 years, some key patterns have emerged. These patterns are based on human psychology and the way traders react to different circumstances.

Uses of Technical Analysis

Technical forex analysis is a critical analysis tool. The importance of this tool cannot be underestimated. Most traders make decisions only after they have performed a technical analysis of the forex trends. IMMFX provides traders with a variety of different charts to help them. Traders usually confirm their trading strategies and decisions after they have performed technical analysis of currency price changes and the forex market.

Benefits of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is an important tool for traders. It is very beneficial for them. Some of the key benefits of technical analysis are:

Main Focus is on Price Movement

The market price of a currency is a reflection of the current market and all market actions. Charting methods can help traders analyze the market at a glance and observe the changes in price. This can help them make lucrative trading decisions.

Easy Identification of Trends and Patterns

Technical analysis of the forex market includes the identification of various trends and patterns. Just by observing the moving average line, a trader can see whether a price is stuck in range or is continuously trending. A chart can display very quickly if a price is continuously trending in a certain direction.

Patterns are another aspect of technical analysis. They can also be identified very easily with the help of charts. Even though patterns are highly complex, they can help traders predict price movements in the near future and base their trading decisions on them.

A very good tool for predicting patterns like ascending and descending triangles, rounding tops and bottoms, and heads-and-shoulders are some of the few patterns that help traders determine their future trading strategies. However, without using charts, these patterns can be difficult to figure out.


Technical analysis is, therefore, an important prerequisite for traders who wish to develop profitable trading strategies based on market trends and patterns.