Best Metatrader Indicators for Beginners

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when trading forex, as success comes down to a variety of factors such as risk management, budget, and trading systems. One of the many ways to boost your forex trading success is to learn about the range of forex indicators available to you and understand how to utilize the best MetaTrader indicators as a beginner.

Forex indicators help traders to construe which direction a currency will travel in. They indicate whether the price movement is likely to appreciate or depreciate, giving them greater analytical and technical scope during trading.

There are countless forex indicators to select from and it is recommended that you use a handful of them to enhance your chances of success. When used correctly, forex indicators and charting software can certainly pave the way for forex trading success.

Trend Following Tools: One of the Best Metatrader Indicators

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to use forex indicators is to use a Trading Chart that follows trends. This is one of the many forms of technical analysis available to traders.

The purpose of trend-following tools is to establish whether you should be entering into a long or short trade. This can be achieved by using charts to identify major crossover trends in the market over a particular number of days (e.g. over a 10 day/30 day crossover or a 50 day/200 day crossover).

Charts designed for this purpose do a clear job of identifying a trend, giving traders a lucid picture of whether they should commit to a trade on a long or short-term basis.

Use Trend Confirming Tools

Though trend-following tools are useful, a trend-confirming tool can also be used to see if the trend-following tool correlates with the trend-confirming tool. If both tools indicate a bullish trend (uptrend), then a trader can more confidently trade long on their chosen currency pair, whereas if the tools indicate a bearish trend (downtrend), the trader is more likely to sell short.

Use Moving Average Lines and Average Directional Index

To further establish whether a trend is bullish or bearish, you can make use of Moving Average lines. This information is available at a glance, enabling decisions and to be quickly made and trades to be quickly executed.

The Average Directional Index (ADX) demonstrates how strong a trend is. By using figures to represent how well the currency is trading (e.g. an ADX about 40 indicates a strong trend), traders can establish the most precise time to buy or sell a currency at a given moment.

An astute level of technical analysis using forex best MetaTrader indicators will support your trades, boost your reaction to the movements in the market and increase your trading confidence.