• 3 Bad Forex Strategies

3 Bad Forex Strategies

20 January 2017|

When you begin to trade in the Forex market, you are advised to have a proper strategy recorded on paper before you begin the actual trading. There are some strategies that sound very good when put down on paper but prove to be a bad decision when you execute them. Given below are three such […]

  • Tough Lessons on Money Management in Forex Trading

Tough Lessons on Money Management in Forex Trading

19 January 2017|

Beginner Forex traders often blame the market or unpredictable events for why they have come up with a loss.  However, put an experienced trader in the exact same situation and dealing with the exact same currency pair, and the trader is likely to come up with a profit.  The difference is that the experience Forex […]

  • The Benefits of Using a Manual Trading System

The Benefits of Using a Manual Trading System

19 January 2017|

Due to the advent of forex robots, there has been a huge rise in the number of people going in for automated forex trading systems. This has led to a decrease in the number of people trading on traditional, manual trading platforms. All this has led to a fall in the number of independent forex […]

  • Realities That Can Not Be Refused About Currency Trading

Realities That Can Not Be Refused About Currency Trading

18 January 2017|

Be sure you learn the most you possibly can about forex trading, each beginner, and experts may benefit from any quantity of new knowledge about foreign exchange. No hint may harm you in terms of most likely making money, one little tip may help you do well for several years. Here are some tips which […]

  • Know the Basic of Forex Order

Know the Basic Of Forex Orders

17 January 2017|

Forex trades are carried on widely these days and in order to emerge successful in the highly volatile area, one need to master the techniques and strategies of trading. Apart from this, you need to use the right tools and equipment as well. There are different types of Forex order.

Knowing the types of Forex order […]

  • Overcoming the Fear Factor of Forex Trading

Overcoming the Fear Factor of Forex Trading

15 January 2017|

While we refer to trade markets as investments, it is only to disguise the fact that our investments are really a gamble.  No matter how much research you do or how skilled you are in Forex trading, there is always still a risk that you could lose it all.  For many people, this gamble is […]

  • Understanding Bull Market and Bear Market

Drawing the line between bear and bull markets

15 January 2017|

The business world is very complex as it may seem. So if you listen to business or financial-related news you will hear an array of odd or unusual phrases used by experts to illustrate the different activities that occur in a stock market. And more often than not, the most perplexing terms that you may […]

  • Smart Risk Management in Forex Trading

Smart Risk Management in Forex Trading

14 January 2017|

Risk management is a very important part of currency trading. The leverage that brings profits, brings increased losses too but this is something that is ignored by many traders. The currency market is advertised as a profit-making platform. But while trading, it becomes obvious that when the trend of the market changes and profits give […]

  • The Seven Most Traded Currencies in Forex

The Seven Most Traded Currencies in Forex

13 January 2017|

Currencies on the Forex market are traded in terms of “lot” sizes. Each lot is equivalent to $1,000. With leverage through margin trading, a Forex trader can control $100,000 worth of currency with a capital outlay of just one thousand dollars. Currencies are also bought and sold in the Forex market in terms of pairs. […]

  • Fundamental Analysis,– Is It for You

Fundamental Analysis; – Is It for You?

12 January 2017|

If you have read the article on technical analysis, reading this article on fundamental analysis should shed light on the diversity of the foreign exchange industry, and the many decisions you need to make in order to participate in the thrill and excitement of live trading.

Fundamental analysis is the accumulation and comprehension of information available […]

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