• Psychology, Forex Trading the Brain

The Psychology Behind Forex Trading

23 June 2017|

During online forex trading, it is all too easy to allow your emotions to take over, particularly in the midst of a difficult trade. When your money is on the line and your heartbeat begins to race faster, this is when emotional trading really kicks and is also when you are most likely to lose money.

Your […]

  • Smart Ways to Trade Forex The Power of Patience

Smart Ways to Trade Forex: The Power of Patience

21 June 2017|

Research suggests that the best way to become a long-term, successful trader is to trade with patience. This article provides tips on how to trade patiently.

Many online traders approach the market with the intention of making a quick return on investment within a short period of time. Instead of planning their trades carefully and establishing […]

  • Setting Goals in Forex

Setting Goals in Forex for a Successful Career

20 June 2017|

In forex trading, as with any other endeavor in life, you should always set goals. By setting goals you will be far more likely to boost your FX trading confidence and establish yourself as a successful online trader over the course of time.

Below are some tips on how what sort of currency trading goals you should […]

  • Becoming a Forex Trading Specialist

Becoming a Forex Trading Specialist

12 June 2017|

To become a forex trading specialist, you need to refine the number of markets you follow and learn about those markets in absolute depth.

To become a successful forex trading specialist, it is essential that you specialize in your chosen markets. This is a key factor to success on the foreign exchange market. This article outlines how you […]

  • Advantages of Trading Gold

Advantages of Trading Gold

8 June 2017|

Gold trading is an extremely lucrative investment opportunity for any aspiring investor. It offers countless opportunities to make a big return on investment, d differs in many ways from other forms of trading, such as forex trading or trading CFDs.

A Gold Investment is a Safe Investment

Gold trading is an ideal solution for a trader with a low […]

  • Eliminate the Emotion while doing Forex Trading

Trading Psychology – Why Traders Lose?

6 June 2017|

Successful trading requires the trader to deal with many conflicting ideas and information while maintaining a consistent attitude towards winning and losing. Traders must possess several contradictory traits. For example, traders must have an ability to take risks and let trades run, combined with the ability to cut risk quickly. They must also have conviction […]

  • Forex Trader

Finding your Forex Trading Style

2 June 2017|

Successful online forex trading starts with finding your trading style. This can go a long way in helping you to define your trading strategy and develop your trading plan.

With forex trading, it is important to remember that one size definitely does not fit all. Your success comes down to a number of factors including your psychology and […]

  • where-to-invest

What Makes Forex Trading so Different?

31 May 2017|

Do you wish to make profits? Are you thinking of investing? Are you wondering whether to invest in stocks, bonds or currency trading? If yes, then don’t worry! This article will help you invest in the right market and choose the right investment tool.

Stocks and bonds are the two most traditional investment methods to make […]

  • metaTrader4

Why Use the MetaTrader 4 Platform?

31 May 2017|

The MetaTrader 4 platform is regarded as the most popular forex trading platform in the world. Packed full of unique features, it is used by millions of people from across the globe to tackle the market with efficiency and precision.

If you are interested in online forex trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform then you can easily register with your […]

  • Forex Trading with Your ideal pair

Forex Trading with Your ideal pair

26 May 2017|

It’s well known that trade in Forex market is done with the money. Thus, money here is both goods and means of payment, so the main trade instrument on the market is currency pair.

Quite a vital issue for traders is choosing a currency pair for trade.

A code of 3 Latin letters is used for notation […]

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