• Trading Bitcoins for Beginners

Opportunities on Trading Bitcoins for Beginners

14 December 2017|

It can be very profitable trading bitcoins for beginners or professionals. The concept is still new, but extremely volatile with huge spreads and price movements. Leverage and margin trading are widely available. Thus, making money on trading Bitcoin is so easy and flexible for anyone.

Bitcoin’s market volatility and history of bubbles are the some of […]

  • Investing in Digital Currency – Risks and rewards

Investing in Digital Currency – Risks and rewards

13 December 2017|

Although critics see them as scams, millions of believers consider them as the future of finance, and so many early investors are making a huge profit from the massive returns generated. Yes, I’m talking about digital currencies. Hence, how the common investors are supposed to take the opportunity in Investing in Digital Currency? Very cautiously.

But, […]

  • Swing Trading Image

Surprising Benefits of Swing Trading

9 November 2017|

The main purpose of online forex trading is to augment your forex trading account with the passing of time. It is not a way to make a quick buck on the trading platform, as most people believe, and it takes time, effort and hard work to make good money from FX trading.

There are four primary approaches to […]

  • Graph Chart

How to Use Different Types of Forex Charts

3 November 2017|

How would you know if your currency portfolio is overpriced or underpriced? Or whether you should buy, sell or hold the currency pair? Surely, you do not invest your hard-earned money on the basis of your sixth sense or sentimental financial analysis.

Well, there are two reliable and objective ways for you to analyze the forex […]

  • Enhancing your Account Balance with Proper Money Management

Enhancing your Account Balance with Proper Money Management

25 October 2017|

Forex trading is a relatively easy activity to understand and perform. Despite this, it has caused countless financial losses over the years as a result of limited market knowledge, ill-executed trades, and poor money management.

To become a long-term trader with a positive FX trading record you need to follow a certain number of steps to […]

  • ecn

ECN Trading Advantages with IMMFX

24 October 2017|

If you are familiar with forex trading, then you would know about its classifications “Market Maker” and “ECN”. ECN or Electronic Communications Network provides a marketplace where banks, market makers, and individual traders buy and sell to each other by sending competing bids and offers into the system. All parties interact with each other in the network […]

  • CFD and Forex Trading

CFD and Forex Trading: The Key Differences

17 October 2017|

Over the years the financial trading industry has evolved dramatically. Today thanks to the Internet, investors can participate in trading from anywhere and anytime they want even when they are on the go. The impressive technological advancements have brought the world of trading to your fingertips. Traders can now make quick buy and sell trading […]

  • CFD Trading on Equities, Indices and Futures

CFD Trading on Equities, Indices and Futures

15 October 2017|

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a contract between two parties that settle the difference between the opening and closing price of the underlying instrument at the close of contract. As a derivative product, a CFD allows trading on the world commodity markets at live price movements without requiring traders to actually own the underlying instrument.

The […]

  • money-965062_640

Forex Trading and Global Macroeconomics – Understanding the Key Relationship

12 October 2017|

For those who want to be successful players in the Forex trading market, it is very important to keep an eye on the global macroeconomic factors. While not necessary, they play a very important part in helping you stand amongst the top Forex traders in the global market. Whether it is the financial reports of other […]

  • Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Trading VS Forex Trading

10 October 2017|

If I have to choose between them, I would definitely go with the Cryptocurrencies trading. That’s not because Forex trading is less profitable, but forex trading is pretty constant and skill based trading where Cryptocurrencies are easy to trade. Forex takes a long time and primary knowledge about financial trading but sadly less profitable than […]

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