• 7 Steps to Limit Risks in Forex Trading

7 Steps to Limit Risks in Forex Trading

28 April 2017|

Natural and technical disasters are not uncommon when you trade from home. Computer failure, electricity cut off, hurricane, u an expected visit from a neighbor, health issues and other factors can lead to loss of money if you aren’t careful. What should be done if your positions are open and your trading platform fails? What […]

  • 5 Interesting Forex Trading Facts Explained

5 Interesting Forex Trading Facts Explained

26 April 2017|

Each and every single trade you make connects and involves quite a number of things. Knowing what exactly happens behind the scenes, what makes the market act the way it does and how everything is interconnected is beneficial to any kind of a trader.
How much to Risk?
First of all, you have to figure out how […]

  • Pivot Points in Forex Market

Developing a Forex Trading Strategy

21 April 2017|

Most traders start out with high hopes and dreams of quick wealth, but this becomes tempered along the way. Expectations are usually adjusted as a trader develops a strategy and gains experience. Here are few ideas traders may want to consider or reconsider when developing or rethinking a trading strategy:

Listen to everyone, but trust Yourself

Always […]

  • Tips for New Forex Traders

Forex Trading and The Concept Of Money Management

18 April 2017|

Most of the people believe that money management is not a big issue when it comes to trading forex professionally in the currency market. But what they do not know is that money management can help you rise to great heights in the field of currency trading. I have seen hundreds of people fail in […]

  • US NFP

Understanding U.S. Non Farm Payroll (NFP) and the Market

17 April 2017|

NFP measures the net number of non-farm jobs (as well as subtracting government or non-profit employees) added or subtracted in the U.S. during the prior month. Since most currencies and commodities are tied to the USD and the U.S. economy, the effect of this particular economic news has a greater impact than just about anything else […]

  • Forex Tips For Successful Trading Experience

Online Trading Forex – How, Where and Why

13 April 2017|

As of today, forex is the largest market in the world. It has over 4 Trillion US dollars turnover every single day.

Trading forex allows you to use high leverage in order to trade large amounts of minimal investment capital. It is very important to follow the steps below otherwise you may lose a lot of […]

  • Winning Scalping Forex Trading Strategy

Winning Scalping Forex Trading Strategy

11 April 2017|

One of the popular strategies among traders is Scalping, which involves the rapid opening and closing of positions. Some scalpers deal with each trade of 5-15 pips within 5 minutes’ tops, while most traders stay in a trade for as little as 1 minute.
How Does It Work?
The trick in scalping is to be in and […]

  • Forex Tips For Successful Trading Experience

Forex Tips For Successful Trading Experience

10 April 2017|

Forex trading may be intimidating and confusing at the first glance, however with a proper discipline and set of rules new and scary turns into a daily routine. Practice always pays off, especially if you follow the following tips:
The first part of your education should be the realization that forex trading is not a spinning […]

  • Forex Auto-Trading Robots; Do They Work

Forex Auto-Trading Robots; Do They Work?

5 April 2017|

There has been much controversy in the foreign exchange industry lately, as a huge number of auto-trading robots hit the market and entice new traders to utilise them, in order to make a quick buck.

If only these promises held some truth. The fact of the matter is that very few auto trading systems actually work. […]

  • Start Forex Trading - A Guide for Beginners

Start Forex Trading – A Guide for Beginners

4 April 2017|

So, the time has come when you would like to begin Forex trading?

Well, you have found the right education opportunity as we have put everything you need to know to begin Forex trading on our blog, and best of all it is Free.

If you already know why you are here then you can use the menu on your […]

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